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Vintage Cube Archetypes #2. Green Ramp

Vintage Cube Archetypes #2. Green Ramp

Hello everyone. Today I’m bringing you guys part 2 in my Vintage Cube overview. Today we are looking at the green ramp archetype.

If you missed part 1 of this series you can find it here:

Vintage Cube: Archetypes #1. Splinter Twin.

The green ramp deck is one of the most fun decks to play in Vintage Cube. Slamming fatties and making massive amounts of mana is very fun for a lot of people. So without further ado lets take a look at it.

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Death’s Shadow Aggro Overview


Welcome to my guide on the basics of the Modern Deck Death’s Shadow Jund (DSJ), commonly referred to as Death’s Shadow Aggro (DSA).

Note: For the purpose of this guide I will often call the deck Death’s Shadow Aggro or DSA for short.

This guide is aimed at people who have little to no experience with Death’s Shadow Aggro and are looking to get a grounding of the basic functions of how Death’s Shadow Aggro functions.

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Pauper Overview


What is Pauper?

Pauper is a popular constructed format that officially, is only played on Magic: The Gathering Online (MTGO). That said Paper Pauper communities exist around the world and there are frequent Paper Pauper events and tournaments.

Pauper is an eternal format. The cards do not rotate out of the format and it uses cards from every set and product released on MTGO.

What makes Pauper very different from other eternal formats is that the only cards that are legal are cards that have been printed at the common rarity. No mythics, no rares, no uncommons are permitted to be used in Pauper.

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